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16 May 2017

On Saturday 6th May 2017, there was leakage of Chemicals from an import container in ICD Tughlakabad, due to which toxic fumes spread in the air, causing irritation, nausea, breathlessness and other related problems, in the residential areas near the ICD. This created a huge panic in the vicinity and many school children (around 500 children) were rushed to the hospitals as an emergency. The fumes spread from a container containing 2-Chloro-5 Chloromethylpyridine, which is used in insecticides and pesticides. The chemical was imported from China.

Appending herewith news article ~

The Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of this area then issued a “Conditional’ order for closure of ICD Tughlakabad, and issued a show cause as to why this Order should not be made Absolute (Attaching herewith, for your reference). However, the Custodians of this ICD (Container Corporation of India – CONCOR) have put this Order on Stay, through the Delhi High Court (Appending herewith)

Concor had a detailed meeting with stakeholders to discuss various issues related to the order received from Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), and a decision was taken as under :-

1. No Hazardous Cargo will be accepted in future for TKD .
2. The Cargo, which has already arrived TKD, if the Bill of entry is already filed, the same may be allowed to be customs cleared at TKD. However, the cargo for which bill of entry is not yet filed, Concor will shift the cargo either to Dadri or Khatuwas as per consignee confirmation. The shifting of cargo will be done at Concor’s cost.
3. For cargo in transit or on water, amendment in IGM for clearance at Dadri or Khatuwas will be allowed and cargo to be cleared at either of these location by customers as per their confirmation.

For Hazardous containers that are in transit (On water) destined to ICD Tughlakabad, the concerned load port needs to check with shipper as to which ICD they would like to change the delivery point, and make suitable amendments in the Bill of Lading.