Priority Synergy Sdn. Bhd.
Port Klang Office (Port Klang, KLIA and East Malaysia – Sarawak & Sabah)
No. 12 & 14, Jalan Sungai Aur/KS 4,
42000 Port Klang, Selangor DE, Malaysia
Tel : + 60 3 3165 3100
Fax : + 60 3 3165 5100
Website :

Requirements for Inbound shipment to Malaysia for noting and action by POL:

1. Shipment to be consigned to:-
Priority Synergy Sdn Bhd
No. 12 & 14, Jalan Sungai Aur / KS4,
42000 Port Klang, Selangor D.E , Malaysia
PIC: NVO department
E-mail :
Tel 03 3165 3100
Fax 03 3165 5100

2. Pre-alert
a. Must be emailed to PS 3 working days prior to vessel arrive POD.
b. Please resend if you failed to receive our acknowledgment within 2 working hours, Malaysia time.

3. For FCL shipment

a. 1 MBL to 1 HBL, DO releasing by Liner based on MBL
b. Cargo’s details in MBL & HBL must tally.

4. Below details must be made available
a. In MBL & HBL
i. 6 digits HS code for each commodity
ii. Gross weight, measurement & packages for each container
b. In HBL
i. Consignee’s ROC (Registration of Company) number
ii. Consignee’s contact details

General Email
Ms. Kaithlyn
E-mail :

Mr. Eric Tee – Senior Manager
E-mail :

Outbound & Inbound Freight Operations, follow-up on nomination cargo, documentation, pre-alerts etc.
Asia & Far East, Indochina, Oceania, India Sub-continent
Mr. Fajrina – Customer Service
E-mail :

Africa, Europe, India Sub-continent, Mediterranean, Middle East, North America, South America
Ms. Noor – Customer Service
E-mail :

General Matters
Executive Director
Mr. Chan Huan Hin
E-mail :

General Manager
Ms. Regina Lee
E-mail :

Finance Department
Accounts Assistant Manager
Ms. PY Ang
E-mail :

Finance Manager
Ms. Ch’ng Lee Ngor

Accordion Catagory