"Joining GAL has allowed IFE Global to tap into the expertise and buying power of our fellow members to grow our business and diversify into areas previously unavailable to us."
IFE Global Logistics
"GAL aims to bridge all quality and reliable independent freight forwarders from every corner of the globe and provides a secured and dynamic platform for global business partnerships. What makes GAL so special and different from other ordinary associations is its unique company culture which we we feel so proud by being a part of it."
Inchcape Shipping Services - Turkey
"Port Link feels great pleasure to be a part of GAL Network. Being a founder member in Pakistan, we are excited to strengthen our business relationship with GAL network to add value in our services with the contribution of professional members and board of directors of GAL, we always feel confident to share our routing orders within the network members and we also secure many shipments with the help of GAL network members. We believe GAL network is playing a significant in the continuous growth & profitability of Port Link International Services (Pvt) Ltd – Pakistan."
Port Link International Services (Pvt) Ltd – Pakistan
"A successful Forwarding business is a global team effort. At Global Alliance Corporation we found the basic ingredient every forwarding business needs in terms of trust, global reach, group support and freedom to achieve individual goals as well as customer satisfaction. Sindbad the Sailor Co. benefited from membership by offering our services both within the group and through one to one interactions with reputable members .The online Bill of lading system and useful industry news updates help us to bring in professionalism and as sense of unity across the world unmatched by any other group. We recommend the membership to active forwarders and logistics suppliers who follow unbiased business goals and seek a flexible atmosphere to expand."
Sindbad the Sailor - Iran
"Seahorse has been privileged to be associated with Global Alliance Lines (GAL) for over last 16 years, right from its inception. It has been a most satisfying experience to be a Member of this Global Logistic ‘family’. Seldom, does a Global network gets to set up a platform of credible Members to conduct business in a harmonious manner. The most outstanding feature is the opportunity that GAL gives to its Members to improve upon their own existing profile by being a Member of GAL. Since, the business is conducted in very transparent manner thereby creating a strong market standing. We, at Seahorse in India would like to place our deep appreciation of GAL as a professional Network and wish that it continues to further enhance its reputation, which is its most valuable intangible asset, available for any value-based Member to use and flourish."
Seahorse Ship Agencies Pvt Ltd - India
Hello everyone. I'm Fujiwara from KONOIKE SHIPPING JAPAN. It has been about 20 years since our company joined the GAC network. The first thing I noticed is that this network is very family-like, and everyone is kind. In the case of agency groups like this, I feel that in the pursuit of profit, each party is too assertive, which often impedes smooth communication with each other. However, with the GAC network, this doesn't happen often (I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but...), and the longer we've been using it, the more we've built a relationship of trust, and the more we're able to make requests with confidence. Without trust, we believe that it is impossible to "provide the best and best service" to our customers. Also, I think that “true old friends and allies” will not betray you. Now, based on the premise of what I just mentioned, our NVOCC industry is currently at a crossroads, being pushed by the wave of IT/DX, and the commercial flow and logistics have changed significantly due to the coronavirus pandemic, I feel very strongly. If we continue business as usual, our jobs will sooner or later disappear. Don't you all feel that way? Are you feeling a sense of crisis? Our company currently has slogans such as “Challenging new things” and “Reincarnated as a new version of ourselves”, and is working to “coexist and co-prosper” with all divisions of the Konoike Group and the global agency network. We have a strong desire to survive and grow further. Would you like to work with us to explore free combinations of business formats based on free ideas without being bound by conventional "conventional concepts"? I am in the last year of my 50's. I won't be leaving the company at the age of 60, but as a break, I want to leave something behind for my juniors, so I'm working hard every day. We are actively promoting visits to our overseas partners. I keep searching every day. Would you like to open up a new future together under this reliable GAC network family? There is a Japanese proverb that says, “When three people come together, the wisdom of Monju.” It is difficult to come up with good wisdom by thinking alone, but I believe that if everyone pools their wisdom together, something never seen before will be born. Here we go! Let's create a future together that we could never have imagined!
K. Fujiwara, Konoike Shipping - Japan
Having been part of this dynamic network since its founding days, we have seen it only growing from strength to strength. This network provides us with good, reliable and efficient members who over the years have become good friends. Overall, we are very happy to be a part of this family and am thankful for the support received.
Euro Pac Logistics Pte Ltd - Singapore
"Congratulations for the successful annual meeting, it was certainly a great experience joining it for the first time for myself! One big family indeed, GAL has certainly done a good job with the schedules and activities being not only fun but productive as well. The members and the committees does a great job to make us feel part of the family, and that is what this family is all about!
PT. Tiga Sekawan Sukses Ekspres - Indonesia